ABOUT Justin & Chelsi

As artists, lovers, and parents… together, we make up the collective works of J Layne. Always by each other’s side, our love for creating together began shortly after meeting and quickly turned into a passionate brand of capturing weddings. But, just as the seasons change, as our life began to change and family began to grow, our passions slowly shifted towards capturing motherhood and families with a new perspective and yearning for wanting to capture those fleeting moments, we as parents, know too well.

Our work has been seen in The Fount Collective, 100 Layer Cakelet, Lemonade & Lenses Magazine, Willow & Sage Magazine, Style Me Pretty Living & more.

about him, by her Patient, kind, passionate… Justin exudes comfort and creativity every day and in everything he does. He is easy to love and is the epitome of home to me and our boys.
about her, by him As a creative mind, Chelsi sees the beauty in simplicity. She translates that vision into every part of her life. It's easy to fall in love with her no matter what the surrounding may be.
Us, Together Our approach is to capture our own unique perspectives... one primarily focusing on the overall scene, while the other hones in on the organic details. Together, we are able to capture and curate a cohesive gallery of images that tells an intimate story.
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